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Cunt Torture Class


Diana Leigh

Eros Guide Ezine

The erotic possibilities of pain multiply exponentially when applied to the genitals. Flogging someone across their bare ass is hot. But the ass is well-padded and can take a lot of abuse. Bringing a woman to the brink of orgasm by continuously flogging her pussy lips or the hood of her clit requires so much more skill and care.

Because the genitals are so sensitive, activities such as piercing and clamping take on an entirely new level of intensity. I’ve been pierced before. I’ve had needles in my back, even my breasts. My pain tolerance is very high. But there are some spots on my body which seem too soft, too easily yielding to stand up to that type of treatment. The thought of those very same clamps and needles applied to my tender pussy lips terrifies me.

Of course, because it terrifies me, it also fascinates me—and gets me extremely hot. So I decided face my fears by attending a workshop on cunt torture. If you are going to be terrified and horny at the same time, might as well do it where there are lots of potential partners around. This is one of the joys of living in San Francisco. Of course it is the best place to live in as a dyke, but it's also one of the greatest places for S/M.

The workshop was led by a gorgeous domme and her high-femme lesbian partner. They looked like pornographic bookends. The domme explained to us that women become excited when their genitals are stimulated—even if that stimulation is painful. And that is precisely why cunt torture is so erotic. When you are pierced and clamped, you become aroused despite yourself. Despite the pain—or because of the pain?

The three bottoms that she would demonstrate on were lined up behind a table. One was tall and lithe with legs that went on forever and long red hair, obviously a dancer at one time. The second one was curvy and glamorous with a beautiful face and full lips and the third was tiny and vulnerable with practically no breasts and long blonde hair. All three were naked.

It began with the glamorous curvy girl. She was fitted with a rope body harness which gently spread apart her cunt lips, pulling them away from her clit and exposing her most tender parts. After she pulled the harness tight, the domme poured Pop Rocks (that candy that pops and tingle when it hits your tongue) all over the girls' wet snatch. She was so juicy and aroused from being tied up that the rocks went off immediately, stinging and burning her in a delightful way. It was the cutest form of genitorture I have ever seen.

The second willing victim was the former dancer. She had a naturally submissive way about her. When she climbed up onto the table she looked embarrassed. The top spread her legs and exposed her perfectly shaved pussy. The dancer winced prettily as the Domme attached stainless steel medical clamps to her nipples and outer labia.

Once she was sure the clamps were secure she threaded a length of bright pink nylon rope through the handles of the clamps and attached the ends to leather cuffs she wore on her wrists and ankles. Every time the girl moved any of her limbs it would pull on either her clamped pussy lips or clamped nipples.

And then, with a wicked gleam in her eye, the domme ordered her to get down from the table and crawl across the floor. The unfortunate girl was led around the room on a leash, crawling slowly, each step pulling on her tender nipples and cunt lips. It was incredibly hot.

My girlfriend, who up until this point had been bored, perked right up as she watched the pretty girl moan and gasp and slowly make her way around the room. The crawling must have been extremely painful because she could only move very carefully. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes, but her face looked radiant and sexy. She looked really turned on.

After her clamps were removed—a painful process in its own right—she was sent back to her spot behind the table and the thin blonde girl was brought up.

According to the domme, the blonde was a total pain slut. She could take all types of abuse and easily got off on it. First, the domme prepped her cunt lips by swabbing them with betadine. She then explained to us that she had designed a foam-core “butterfly board” to which she would be pinning the girls' tender inner labia, spreading them out like the wings of butterflies.

The board had a cunt-shaped hole in it and the domme pulled the girls' lips through the board and attached them to it with clamps. She then carefully pinned her labia to the board with 22-gauge needles; three on each side. Every time a needle went through her flesh, the girl made a low guttural groaning sound. The whole audience was at attention. When all the needles were in place, as if they weren’t painful enough, tiny thin candles were placed at the ends and lit so that the hot wax would drip onto her things and exposed cunt.

She was left there on display and the audience was invited to come up and study the technique and placement of the needles. The girl seemed happy to lie there and she moaned nicely every time a drop of hot wax hit her skin.

When the last audience member had studied her perforated pussy lips, the needles were removed. She screeched as each one was pulled out and actually seemed very faint after it was all over. Piercing is mind-altering and I can only imagine how mind-altered she must have felt after having so many needles in such a delicate place.

I myself was pretty turned on by the whole thing and quickly ran home for a little torture session of my own. But I’m not telling you what I did, all I'm going to say is that I love living in San Francisco.

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